Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Car audio interface

I don't like the hassle of changing out cd's while driving. And installing a simple aux input defeats the purpose of having steering wheel buttons since you have to reach for your mp3 player to change songs. So I decided to try this nifty little device, despite not being able to find a single review on the web: Yatour Audio Interface

It basically acts like the factory cd changer, except it reads memory cards and flash drives instead of cds. Here's the process of installing it on my e46.

Testing it out during my drive to work, there was terrible alternator whine coming from the speakers. I had to buy a ground loop isolator and wire it between the device and the headunit. Now everything is good and noise-free. I can finally ditch the stack of cds in my car.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I have exactly same problem with noise while driving.
Can you rememember and tell me how did you conect "ground loop isolator" between car radio and YATOUR device. Did you put ground or audio siglan thru isolator.

Thanks in advance.

Khang said...

Sure! Here's a pinnout reference:

The isolator goes between the audio outputs of the Yatour, and the audio inputs of the CD port behind the headunit. So you would have to cut the corresponding audio wires on the Yatour harness and attach the isolator there. I assume your harness looks like this...
...then you would be cutting the thinner wires that lead into the white connector (pins 1,2,6, and 7)

So the final schematic would be:
yatour outputs --> isolator inputs --> isolator --> isolator outputs --> CD inputs

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. In my case it's a VW Passat so connectors are not the same ... but the same problem is in any case :) You were very thorough in the description so I will not have any problems. Thanks again

Regards from Serbia.


snake69190 said...

do you have a picture from how are doing the cable
i have the same problem in my car but im french i dont understand everything about the method

Jack son said...

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Muneer Ahmed said...

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Terry M. Oneil said...

I had a problem with noise while driving, but i dont understand everything about the method.

Anonymous said...

great guide, it helped me solve the noise problem with Yatour in my E46 too. Thx a lot.