Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mechanical keyboard o-ring mod

I just got my first mechanical keyboard, the CM Storm Quick Fire. I was iffy about spending so much on a keyboard, but man it's such a pleasure typing on this thing. I can try to describe it, but it's hard to understand until you try one.

Most keyboards are membrane keyboards, with rubber domes underneath each key giving them that bouncy feeling. Mechanical keyboards have individual springs and switches for each key, making them smoother and easier to press, and can give more tactile or auditory feedback depending on what switch type you get. They are also more durable than membrane keyboards. 

The only cons to mechanical keyboards is that they're thicker, heavier, and LOUD. I got one with Cherry MX Blue switches, the loudest of all the switch types. I came across a few guides showing how adding o-rings to the underside of the keys can reduce the sound of the key "bottoming out." Here's a YouTube video comparing before/after sounds of the o-ring mod.

Instead of buying $30 worth of individual o-rings at the hardware store, or a $15 kit of o-rings online, I bought a foot of latex tubing for $2 and made my own o-rings.

Update: Although this worked great for dampening noise, they landing was a little too soft for my taste.  It's a matter of personally preference really. Instead of going back to the hardware store to experiment with different tubing, I just ordered some o-rings online with specific hardness ratings.

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Anonymous said...

where did u find the vinyl tube? i want to buy some in internet, thanks.