Sunday, March 17, 2013

Zebralight S6330 flashlight

I recently picked up this ridiculously-bright flashlight because I thought it would be cool little gadget to have. Here's a look at how it compares with some other common flashlights:

Starting at from the left
1. Incandescent flashlight - krypton bulb, two D-cell batteries  - (36 lumens)
2. Bike flashlight - 3watt Cree LED bulb, four AAA alkaline batteries - (100 lumens)
3. Zebralight H502 flood headlamp - XM-L LED bulb, no reflector, one AA battery - (260 lumens)
4. Zebralight S6330 flashlight - three XM-L LED bulbs, three 18650 li-ion batteries - (2,700 lumens)

And now for the beam photos:

1. Incandescent flashlight

2. Bike flashlight

3. Zebralight H502 flood headlamp

4. Zebralight S6330 flashlight

Ok, so it was a little unfair to put the S6330 against lesser flashlights since it's rated for 10 times the output of the next best light on the list. But how about a comparison with something with similar ratings, like a car flashing its high beams.

The test scene. Looking down my driveway towards a for-sale sign approximately 60ft away.

High beams (four H7 automotive halogen lamps, maximum 1,500 lumens each)

Zebralight S6330

And the bike flashlight for kicks

All beam photos taken at the same exposure: 4 seconds at f5.6 at iso200

Monday, March 11, 2013

Door hinges

The screws on the bathroom door were getting a little loose. I reinforced the hinges with some longer screws at an angle since the old holes were stripped.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SGNote2 wireless charging

I bought a Qi charging mat and receiver for my Note2, but later found out that the back charging pin on the T-Mobile version is disabled. Another Note2 owner posted a workaround that required soldering a wire from the disabled pin directly to the power input at the USB port.